Thursday, August 25, 2005

Predictions for South Carolina Football..

I am a die hard Carolina football fan, and I am excited about this year. Even though Spurrier is arrogant, he is a great coach. He brings experience and talent that South Carolina hasn't seen in a long time. He will bring a championship to South Carolina in a couple of years.. If he can take Duke to a ACC title, then he can bring South Carolina a SEC title in two years.

One of my friends Imran made a bet with his brother Amir that Carolina will go 11-0 this year. Amir knew it would be the easiest $100 he would ever make in his life. I predict Carolina will go 7-4 this year, with the biggest victory being the Clemson game! We will redeem ourselves after last year's fisaco, and it will also be my 27th birthday. So, what better way for Carolina to give me the best birthday present? I am stoping by to put my name into the lottery for the game, so I am praying i get to go to the game! Carolina will be 2-0 after Central Florida and Georgia. Georgia is weaker this year, and with Spurrier's smarts we could do some damage in Athens. Spurrier has always had Georgia for breakfast when he played them at Florida.. Georgia rarely won in their annual game in Jacksonville. When Alabama comes into town, that will be the test game of the season. Alabama has a great quarterback in Brodie Croyle. Right now we don't have a strong quarterback, and that will definitely be obvious during the Alabama game.

Carolina will lose to Auburn, Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee this year. Because of our offensive situation, we won't be able to beat them this year, but next year be on the look out for Carolina to do some major damage in the SEC. We will beat Clemson this year because its on my birthday, and we are playing at home with 88,000 fans! Go Cocks!


At 1:15 PM, Blogger matt said...

I'm think more like 6-5, with a victory over bama, but losses to UGA and Clemson. Nice start to your blog.

At 6:50 PM, Blogger Sabykid said...

Hey Matt:

Thanks for your input.. More predictions to come!


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