Friday, September 02, 2005

Predictions for this weekend's game

As I watch Steve Spurrier unveil his offensive scheme against UCF tonight, I am prone to make a couple of my predictions for this weekend in football.. Some people may think I'm crazy, but that is my middle name..

So here are a couple of my predictions:

1) UGA will lose at home against Boise St. They are 46-7 over the last four years, and they have key returners on their #10 ranked defense. Georgia lost some key players since last year, and it will be a very close game on Saturday. I think that Boise will win by a field goal over UGA. No one is predicting this one..

2) I think that Pitt will beat Norte Dame, but it will be interesting to see how Norte Dame's offense will improve with their new coach.. I think Coach Weiss will make things interesting.. Pitt's offense is stellar, and it will be all Pitt, but ND will show some character. Pitt will win by 10, but not much than that..

3)Ohio State is looking very sharp this year, but I think they shouldn't look past Miami (Oh). They could be the shocking team on Saturday, but I think that Ohio State will pull it out in the end.

4) Clemson vs. Texas A&M: Although I am a huge Carolina fan, I pull for Clemson when they don't play each other.. However, even though I am pulling for the Tigers, I don't think they will win again A&M. I went to Missouri for my undergrad, and I saw what A&M did to us.. I think this could be their year to win the Big 12, but Texas will stand in their way. A&M will beat Clemson on Saturday, but it will be close.. They win by a field goal, during the last couple of minutes. Tiger fans will be ready to cheer them on, but it won't help them win the game.

I know some of you may not agree with me, which is fine! Bring on the comments.. All I can say is that if I am wrong, I will admit it on Monday night when I get back from Chicago! Go Cocks and Go Missouri Tigers!!


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