Thursday, September 22, 2005

NFL Picks for Week 3

I have been sick for the last week, so I am all rested and ready to post my predictions for this week in nfl.. This past weekend I predicted that Carolina would beat NE, and they did! I am so excited about Carolina right now. NE has a tough road ahead of them. Pittsburgh is a great team. Parker is carrying that offense pretty good for a new comer! They haven't missed a step! If Pittsburg continues to concentrate on the run, and only throw like 15 passes a game, then they will run all over NE. NE is badly hurt and it showed on Sunday.. It won't get any easier with them on the road again.

Pitttsburg 27 NE 17

For those that know me, I am a huge Packers fan. At the moment, their defense is struggling. They lost at home where they used to be unbeatable. I am worried about the Packers, and they are facing Tampa Bay at home. Cadallic Williams has rushed for 276 yards in two games, and he is looking really good. That's fifth in NFL history for a running back in his first two career starts. I am still hoping that Green Bay kicks their defense in gear and plays this week. They are ashamed to be 0-2, and they will come out with their heads on straight and beat Tampa Bay at home. They will show some integrity this week. With the defense struggling, it will come down to a field goal in the end with Green Bay winning..

GB 24 Tampa Bay 21

The other team I think is a disappointing is the Minnesota Vikings. They are also 0-2, and it is really shocking to see how bad they are looking. They look lost and without any rhythm. They will come back in game 3 with a vengence. They will be able to beat New Orleans. Even though I think that Aaron Brooks is a great quarterback, I don't think they will be able to win this week in Minnesota. Their offense is struggling at the moment, but so are the Vikings. This game is a toss up. Even tough Minnesota is favored by 6.5 right now, I don't think they will be able to beat the line. It will be a field goal kind of game, with Minnesota winning the battle. It will be 15-9 win by Minnesota, and people will be thankful when the game is over bc there won't be any kind of offense by either team.

Final score Minnesota 15 NO 9

The game that I will be watching this week is Cincinnatti vs. Chicago. Chicago is coming off a victory, but the Cincinnatti is a very hot team. Will they still be hot after this game in Chicago? I think they will be. Palmer is showing signs of a very good quarterback who can handle pressure, and he looks like Troy Aikman. I am very excited about this matchup because this game will put the doubters to rest. Bangels will be 3-0 after this game, and their offense will continue to make waves in the NFL.

Cincinatti 28 Bears 17

The other two games to watch are Seattle vs. Cardinals and Carolina vs. Miami. Seattle is coming off an impressive win over Atlanta, and they looked really good. Seattle will continue to win this week, and Green's chance to show that the Cardinals have improved will be short lived. Final score 21-10

Carolina is coming off one of their biggest wins in their history over New England. They looked really good and impressive on defense. Even though Jake didn't look his best, he will come back strong against Miami. Steve Smith will be very important on Sunday, and he will be running like the wind.

Carolina wins 24 Miami 10

Those are my picks.. If you want disagree, please do!


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