Thursday, September 22, 2005

Okra Strut!!

Hey everyone!

So this weekend I am heading to my town of Irmo, SC. We are having our annual Okra Strut. Friday night is the street dance with live music and fun.. I used to go every year when it was in the parking lot of the Kroger grocery store. I haven't been to the street dance for many years. Those were the days of the 1980's with the big hair and funky clothes.. I remember those days of crimping my hair or putting my hair in a pony tail on the side of the head.

On Saturaday's I would go and watch the parade, and I would try to fetch all the candy being thrown from the participants. People running for elections would come and walk in the parade to try to gain votes.. It used to be held in the Irmo HS parking lot, but it has since moved to several places throughout Irmo.

On Saturaday morning, I am going with one of my best friends. We are going to walk the 1.5 or so from her house and venture into the parking lot of Irmo Village Center to see the different vendors appearing this year.. I will probably get a sample of fried okra.. I know it sounds gross, but it is really great.. After hanging out for about two hours, we are going to walk back to her house. I tell you that I need to get some good exercise in.. It will be nice and toasty, but it will be well worth it..

So for those of you who live nearby, I would encourage you to stop by in Irmo and visit. The Okra Strut will be open from 9:30 (parade) till 5pm on Saturday, and Friday night for the Street Dance. Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


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