Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Baseball Playoff race...

What can I say about the baseball race right now? Boston had a four game lead, and they were looking like they were going to run away with the eastern division. But, here come the Yankees. Last night Boston split their double header with Toronto. Curt Shilling didn't look too good on the mound, and he will be back on Sunday pitching against Randy Johnson. In September Randy has had only four loses in the last 10 years... It is looking bleak for the Red Sox to continue their trip to the playoffs. I am hoping and praying that they will beat the Yankees this weekend, and push them out of the playoffs. It will prove that a $220 million payroll doesn't buy you anything in the majors.

Then I look at the central, and I see that the White Sox had a 15 game lead. Yes, 15 game lead, but now it is down to two games. Cleveland has been the best team in baseball since the all-star break, and they keep hanging around. The scary part is that no one really predicted them to be in the playoffs, and they probably have the strongest pitching staff in the American League. If Chicago White Sox don't make the playoffs, it will be one of the worst downfalls in the history of baseball. I am praying that the Indians come in as a wild card team, Boston wins the East and Chicago holds on to their lead.

The winner from the American League will depend on whose pitching holds up. Boston has great offense and if their pitching comes through, I can see them making it to at least the championship series of the American League playoffs. I don't think that Boston will repeat as champs bc they are hurt. You have one of their best pitchers in Shilling, who isn't playing well over the last eight games he has pitched, and folks won't be back till next year as their closer. His presence will be missed during the playoffs. I would really like to see the Cleveland Indians make a run for the World Series because they have good pitching, defense and offense. Lets just see if it can all keep coming together through the playoffs.

From the National League, I am a big fan of the Braves since 1988. I remember when sit came sliding home to win a game against the Pirates in 1991. Braves always find a way to win the east, but somehow can't win the world series, except for one year. They have won the east 14 years in a row! Bobby Cox is doing a great job with managing 15 rookies. Andrew Jones is by far a great candidate for the MVP, but Pujols is definitely going to win the MVP award. He is just so amazing to watch. I got to see him play in May when I went to a Cardinals game in St. Louis. Albert just has this awe about him, and he is just a tremendous athlete. If Andrew hast to lose it to him, it will be well worth it.

Houston's pitching is just been amazing the last two months. Roger Clemons and Andy Pettitte have been amazing as well as Roy Oswalt. These three pitchers will keep the Astros in the running to win the East. I really hope that it is the Cardinals vs Braves in the NL championship, and the Braves win! That way I can rub it in to all my lovely friends in Missouri! Go Braves!!!

I am really looking forward to watching baseball this weekend. All the tight races will have me hooked! I will be cheering for the Braves and Red Sox all the way.. If it turns out they both play each other, I will cheer for the Braves!!


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