Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I love this game!!

What can I say about Baseball at the moment? Both my teams ducked out early, and now I sit back watching history unfold. The White Sox are a great team that swept my Red Sox, and then had four, that is FOUR complete games by their starting pitchers. Teams would love if their starters can last 6 or 7 innings, but a complete game! WOW! I have been amazed to watch the starting pitchers of the White Sox dominate the Yankees! It was amazing! Now, with a week of rest, they will be ready to come out fighting for a championship. I loved watching the Yankees lose!

Last night I watched the last four innings of the Houston game. I came home thinking that I would study for my midterm on Wednesday, but that didn't happen. Although I went to Missouri for undergrad, I still don't usually cheer for the Cardinals, and I am cheering for the Astros because of players like Biggio. They have been so loyal to the organization playing for almost 18 years with one team, which is unheard of these days. I remember watching Biggio play back in the late 80's, and he still has it. There is a part of me who wants to see Clemons get another World Series ring before he retires. After watching him pitch 3 scoreless innings in their victory over my Braves, I just sat there amazed at how good he looks. He came out in that 18 inning marathon, and he pitched like a king on top of the hill. No one could hit off of him, and he knew he was in a special place.

There was a small part of me wanting the Cardinals to lose in five, so I could rub it in on my friends in Missouri. They lost again, and their offense has been struggling just like it did during the World Series last year. Needless to say, Albert came in and made a clutch 3 run HR. I was just in awe, and I knew it was gone once it hit the bat. I have been reading various articles this morning about second guessing the pitch selection. He shouldn't have thrown a slider bc Albert was expecting it. Don't throw a fastball. Either way it wouldn't have mattered bc it was destiny for the Cards to win last night.

Now the series continues to Busch Stadium on Wednesday night. It will be very interesting to watch. I really hope Oswald comes through and pitches a great game like he did last Thursday. They beat them 4-1, and Oswald was amazing last week. Needless to say, it isn't over yet, but I hope it ends on Wednesday night. The last game played at the old Busch Stadium will be a loss. One of my friends said before the series began that we always have Houston's number, and we will beat them. Well, Houston almost had their number, but Albert pulled it out.. If the Astro's make it to the World Series, I will be pulling for both teams, and I hope it will be a close one! Now, I just have to find the time to do my homework and watch baseball and football. This should be interesting!


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