Sunday, January 06, 2008

Good times..

Last night I had friends over for game night, and it was a blast! I laughed so hard that I cried, and everyone was crying at some point. Back in April, I started to get some of my friends together to my apartment to play cards and board games. We haven't had a game night in a few months, but I wanted to start off the new year with a bang.

The party lasted till almost Midnight, and we definitely found out more about each other and are healthier because of it. I am definitely enjoying my social life here in DC. When I moved to DC, I had a slow social life, but now I am back to my normal social life.

During my last blog, I mentioned about dating Muslims here in the DC area. I have been talking to a few of them over the last few months, and I have met some interesting guys. The last couple of years, I have met some men that are real pieces of work, but I am hoping that these new possibilities are different.

I'm trying to find Mr. Right. It is a tough process trying to weed out the good from the bad. Men are an interesting species, and it's a game that I am definitely learning. I know that men and women think differently, and men like to take the easy way out of things by not calling girls back if they aren't interested. I'm now taking this opportunity to put my faith with Allah, and he will guide me to the right person. If a guy doesn't call me back, then there is a reason for it. It is a blessing in disguise, and I'm running with this mentality.

I am sitting back and letting things take its course. I am definitely in a good spot right now in my life, and I currently talking to a couple of people. I am not hiding that fact with the guys. I think it's important to talk and met a few people and determine who is the right person. I was talking and dating one guy, and I thought he was really nice and it may work out. However, after the fourth date, he never returned my call, so I am just taking that as a sign that it wasn't meant to be. I am definitely seeing this as a blessing.

The day after my possible date with that guy I met another guy. During our conversations, I thought he may be different than the other ones. I went out with him on Friday night, and I am hoping my instincts are right. The entire night was fun, and I teased him through most of the night. He took it pretty well. Good conversation and his sense of humor was great. We definitely had a good time, and we are hanging out again.

The other guy is in New Jersey, and he is great too.. I'm going to meet him in person in a few weeks, and I'm definitely looking forward to it. I am a believer that you may have chemistry on the phone, but in person its a different situation. This weekend will help figure out if we should continue this conversation.

Tomorrow night I am having dinner with one of my friends, and it should be fun! He definitely provides me insight into how men think and provides a good perspective. I'm going to run errands today and watch some NFL football! Desperate Housewives new episode is tonight! Yeah! Have a good week!


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