Tuesday, May 23, 2006

American Idol

This is my favorite time of the year. 24 running on Fox, and American Idol is on tv! I have watched the show since its first year, and I have been happy with people that have won. This year is going to be interesting because Chris got kicked off earlier than any of us idol worshipers believed. May 10 was a very bad day for Chris, but he will be fine long term because he is such a wonderful singer.

McPhee and Taylor are left tonight, and they are both talented. I really love Taylor because he is so unique in his moves. He can't dance all that well, but that is what makes him so wonderful. His voice reminds me of James Taylor, a little Bob Dylan, and he can sing Elton John songs like no other. So far tonight, after two songs, it is a tie between the two singers. This last song will decide who will win..

McPhee sang a great Over the Rainbow song, and she sang it better the second time around. I remember her singing it a few weeks ago, and she was on the top of her game. The week of May 10th, McFee should have been booted off because she didn't sing very well on Tuesday. Needless to say, she has made a comeback since..

Tomorrow night will determine who will be the next American Idol, and I hope it is Taylor! The south will rule again with another winner, and a male will winning the battle this year unlike in years past. The female usually wins in a battle between the sexes. My cousin hangs out with Taylor's circle of friends, too. But, Taylor has been my favorite all along! I wish him the best of luck tonight!

Vote for Taylor!!


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