Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bowl Lineup announced.. SC or Mizzou?

Tonight I was watching the bowl lineups appear, and I was anticipating South Carolina and Missouri's bowl games.. I have been reading in the paper that Mizzou could play SC, and I was hoping they wouldn't.. However, tonight they announced that SC will be playing MU in the Independence Bowl. Needless to say, I have to choose one or the other to cheer for. I am at odds..

I was born and raised a Gamecock fan, and I have been going to games since I was a young child. My mom went there for a couple of years, my dad got 2 masters from SC, my oldest brother got his undergrad honor's degree, and my middle brother got his medical degree from the USC branch. I am going to graduate in May with my masters..

I called one of my good friends from Mizzou, and she was wondering who I was going to cheer for. I told her SC because it outweighed my alumni. She was like well, you spent lots of money in Mizzou tuition. That is true, but I have spent 27 years in SC, and I am sure I have spent more money in SC than in Missouri. So I will ultimately cheer for SC in the bowl game. It will be very hard because I will be cheering for Mizzou as well. I will be happy either way.

My gut says that Steve Spurrier will be fantastic against Mizzou, but Brad Smith will be wonderful at QB. He has set records in every category at Mizzou! He is amazing, and he is a running qb as well as an efficient passer. He can find angles to run in and has a quickness to him like Michael Vick. I hope he gets drafted by an NFL team next year because he will be great in the league. Mizzou's defense has struggled at times, but when they need to perform big, they will do it! They performed great against Nebraska, but they have struggled of late. Pinkel will have the team ready, and they do remember the last time there were in the Independence Bowl two years ago and lost to Arkansas. It was a horrible victory, and Brad will want to come back and win.

South Carolina needs to be careful not to overlook Smith and their wideouts. Mizzou's running game is good when they want to be, and they could be dangerous. South Carolina has had very strong games against Tennesse, Arkansas and Florida. However, we had a bad day on my birthday by losing to Clemson. Needless to say, Carolina will come out fighting as well. Blake Mitchell is doing really well, and if he controls the ball really well, it could be a long game for Mizzou. Carolina's defense has been playing very good as of late, and I hope it continues.

All in all this should be a great game. It will come down to the special teams and turnovers. If SC handles the ball without turning it over, I think Spurriers offense will go into high gear. Missouri will be ready offensively, but I am hoping their kicking game is better than in years past. Special teams and defense will have to produce turnovers in order to shift the momentum in this game. Needless to say, I will be having a party at my house to watch the game! Go Cocks and Tigers!!


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