Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Graduation and finding a job

On Saturday, my fellow MPAs and I will be graduating with our degrees from USC. We will be entering the workforce including jobs with state, federal, or local government, and nonprofit jobs around the southeast. I am hoping to find a job in DC, and I am working on a couple of different possibilities.

My goal is to move up to DC, and work in nonprofits or federal government using my media relations skills. I will be leaving my home and CAIR-SC for the big city, and I can't wait! I worked in DC during the summer of 2000, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I miss it completely. I have tons of family up in DC. I realized when I went up to DC in April for a job fair that I really miss it and I can't wait till I get my job up there. I played poker with my cousin's kids, which they won. So, my goal is to practice playing poker in order to beat them the next time around. I have my supportive structure up there, but I will miss my dad and my family down here in South Carolina. Being born and raised here, it will truly hit me when I leave.

Finishing my capstone project on the youth project, I am glad it is over and it turned out really well. I got an A on my project, and CAIR-SC wants to send it to national for them to let other chpaters read the work I did on the paper. I feel that I am making a contribution to the organization, and I hope I can continue this great work in DC. Keep your fingers crossed...



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