Monday, August 21, 2006

Fantasy Football

This is my first year competing in a fantasy football league. I am really excited. I have done one draft for a team, and I have another one coming up on Tuesday. Needless to say, I am doing my research and watching preseason games on tv. I am hoping that my picks for my team on CBS will do really well. I have Larry Johnson, KJ of Carolina Panthers, Steve Smith, KC defense, Leftwich, Tony Gonzales, John Kasay, and Cedric Benson as my starting lineup. My reserves are Randel El, Phillip Rivers, Mike Anderson, Muhsin Muhammed, Chargers D, J. Stevens from Seattle. I know that Stevens is hurt, but he should be back to make an huge impact in the regular season.

I am competing against all guys, so this should be fun! The other league there are 8 people instead of 12, so the competition will be harder. It will be interesting to see how they draft players. So far doing the preseason, I am impressed about Brett Farve. He is my man, but I haven't picked him for my teams because his performance is up for grabs. Drew Bledsoe is doing really well tonight with the Cowboys, and he could be a great QB as the season continues. I am really excited to see how Brad Smith does for the Jets this year as a wide receiver. However, he was a great quarterback for MU. I was cheering all the way for him in the victory over SC.

One of the quarterbacks who should be impressive is Trent Green. Although he wasn't that impressive the other night, I think he will do well! Their first game is at home, and they will more than likely win because it is almost impossible to beat them at home. I cheer for Kansas City over the Rams any day, and all my friends from MU know this has been true since 1997. I mostly cheer against the St. Louis teams because all my friends like them, and I have to add some variety. Also, I have always like the Chief's traditions and how they can beat up on the Broncos. I dislike the Broncos because of my cousins, so I am trying not to pick any players from there, but if there is a quality player, I will pick him for points.

It should be interesting how this will be very time consuming in the next few weeks. I can't wait! Have a good night!


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