Wednesday, January 06, 2010

NFL Playoffs baby!!

I love this time of year! The playoffs are starting this weekend, and I'm getting geared up for it! Although I was traveling this past weekend, I was able to watch some great games while waiting for my flight back from St. Louis. The weekend of Christmas I went to a local sports bar to watch the Packers game, and I love what I'm seeing!

On Saturday, the first game is Jets vs. Bengals, which should be an intriguing match up! Brad Smith is coming into his own, and he ran for over 100 yards last week (yes, the backups are in, but he is still a major weapon). The Bengals are now having to not only prepare for the Jones, but Brad Smith. I am probably a little bias because Brad was the star quarterback when I was a student at Missouri, but he was an amazing quarterback! I won't be able to watch too much of this game because I'm going to take out my best friend for her early birthday present!

Saturday night is going to be the game to watch. All the experts are saying that Dallas will win this game because of how bad the Eagles looked last week. Yes, they got shutout last week and got beat before in the other match up, but I have a feeling that Reid will have his players ready!

I am not a huge fan of Dallas, and I'm really hoping that the Eagles pull out the victory here! They have Jackson, who is a game changing receiver and kick returner, and Maclin, the rookie wide receiver from Missouri! He made an amazing catch two weeks ago that helped the Eagles secure a victory! I was very proud of my boy! I believe McNabb will have a great game, and I hope that their defense comes through! Dallas is hot right now, and they are clicking on all levels of the game. Romo is definitely showing signs of being a great quarterback, but he has to win a playoff game first!

Sunday's games are going to great, too! I'm definitely looking forward to the Packers game! I'm going to wear my jersey and hat, and I'll be yelling and screaming at the tv! I'm watching the game with one of my friends, and he has already warned me that he may have to cheer for Warner. Bring it on! I'm very excited to see how Aaron does and Driver is by far my favorite player right now! He is amazing, and I can't wait to see what the defense has in store for Arizona!

Hopefully, I can watch all the games next weekend and still go out to celebrate my best friends birthday! She is wonderful in so many ways! She is going to join me on Saturday night to watch the Dallas game after we go out for her birthday dinner! We are having our personal time, and then she is sharing my love for football that night! How wonderful is that!

Predictions for the Super Bowl anyone? I'm calling Saints vs. Chargers in the Super Bowl! I'm secretly wishing that the Packers beat the Saints in the championship game, but I'm not sure if that will happen!


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