Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Georgetown Adventure

This morning my family left to head back to South Carolina, and I ventured into to Georgetown. Kat, Aleia and I went to a new crepes place in G-town called Crepe-amour. Today, they were giving out free iced coffee and Nutella (chocolate crepe) for free! It was definitely worth the trip! Kat and I got there, and we ordered our free crepe and iced coffee, but I also ordered the Steve's Job, which is apples, caramel, almonds, and cinnamon. It was delicious!! So, I'm doing good on my two new places a month! This is definitely worth a return trip. The prices are reasonable, and they have great service! I found this great deal on Twitter! 

After eating crepes, we walked around G-town and went shopping (mostly window shopping). I found a pair of tennis shoes, which I'll use walking during lunch twice a week and going to and from work. I really enjoyed seeing the houses and old buildings in G-town, and I definitely have to come out again to enjoy the area. I've driven through G-town many times, but I've never explored the area before. I've eaten at a couple of places in G-town, but walking through and enjoying all the unique shops was definitely a first for me. It was a perfect day with my friends and enjoying the nice weather! This week will be perfect to venture out and explore new areas. 

The next six weeks will be crazy busy for me with trips to Spain, Wisconsin, Boston, weddings, and other events. My weekends are booked until the first weekend of June. I am hoping that I can get to two new places in May, but I'll definitely going to see four or five new spots this month. I hope I can enjoy the nice weather next weekend, too! I'm going to play golf (driving range), hang out on the mall, and networking with EPFP alumni. Let's hope for great weather!! :)


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