Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow

Last week I went to the grocery store on Wednesday night to get ingredients for my Super Bowl chili on Sunday! It wasn't too bad, but they didn't have any ground turkey. On Thursday night, I left work at 5:30 p.m., and I headed to Giant. It took me about 30 minutes to go 2 miles, and I knew I was in trouble! I got to Giant, and the parking lot was packed with three or four cars in each lane waiting for a spot. I knew that I couldn't make my trip inside and get out in 30 minutes. So, I headed to my meeting and thought that Crystal City would be better!

Hahaha. I was wrong! I went to Shoppers, which is open 24 hours, and I thought it wasn't going to be that crowded. I was going down Route 1, and I noticed the traffic jam. If I didn't have to get the turkey for the chili, I would have not stopped. So, I made my way towards Shoppers. As I was walking inside, I was looking for a basket, but I couldn't find one. I got my four pounds of turkey and headed towards the "shortest" line possible.Each line at the store had about 30 people deep. The line I found wasn't too bad because they were going into two different checkout lanes. The cashiers' did a wonderful job getting people through the line as quickly as possible.

On Friday, I wanted to get a few last minute things, so I went to Giant, and thankfully, the lines weren't too bad. From Friday afternoon through Saturday, we ended up getting over 18 inches of snow in Alexandria, with other areas getting 24-30 inches of snow. On Sunday, I ventured out, and I dug out my car. I also brought out the measuring tape, and we received 18 inches! A small tree limb had landed on one of the cars, and I had one that leaning on my car roof. One of my neighbors helped me out, and we shook off some snow! It helped lift up the branch, so I felt better that the branch wasn't going to fall on my car.

On Sunday, my neighbors and I went to Whole Foods to eat lunch. We walked the first block on the sidewalk with a foot of snow (my legs got a major workout), but then we decided to walk on the street. There were a couple of cars on Duke Street, which is a very odd to see in Old Town. The roads weren't plowed very well, so I knew that we would be off on Monday. The Federal Government did the right thing in closing on Tuesday to give plows more time to clear the roads before the next storm started on Tuesday night.

Now, I'm sitting here in my living room watching the snow and blizzard-like conditions, wishing I was sitting on the beach! It's been a long few days for everyone here in the DC metro area. People have lost power, roads haven't been plowed, and Metro is only running underground stations. The Blizzard of 2010 has crippled the city. We are expecting 10-15 inches of snow, and the worst part about it is that the storm isn't moving away quickly! I'm working from home and getting things done, but I seriously want the snow to stop!!

On Saturday, I'm heading to South Carolina, and I'm definitely looking forward to it! I'm hoping that I can fly out on Saturday! I can't wait to see family and no snow!!! My friends in SC wish they could see snow, and I'll be the first one to say that we would be happy to ship it down south! I'm getting a little bit stir crazy, but I've been playing Wii Fit and organizing my apartment!

Hope everyone in the DC area is staying warm and safe!


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