Thursday, January 28, 2010

PRSA Kick-Off event with some surprises!

Tonight I went to a kick-off event for Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)! We welcomed members and non-members to learn more about PRSA and how members can become involved in the chapter. We had more than 150 people attend, and we had approximately 80 non-members sign-up for the event.

During the reception, this year's president Jeff Ghannam talked about all the upcoming activities, including the International Conference coming to DC for the first time since 1988. After Jeff spoke, last year's president Barbara Burfeind said a few words. Little did I know, that she was going to present an award. She talked about the Holiday party, and there was one award which she couldn't give out because the recipient wasn't there. At that point, I knew that she might be calling me up for the award because I was in Pakistan during the party.

Each year they give out an award for Young Public Relations Professional of the Year, and this year I won the award. I was very surprised! Barbara mentioned all the hard work that I did for young professionals last year! I was co-chair of the PRONet committee, and I had so much fun planning and hosting a number of events. I definitely had a great time tonight networking and meeting members and potential members.

On my way back to the Metro, I was walking and thinking about the evening and the weekend coming up. I was about to keep on walking past this small alley, and I heard a car coming around the corner. I was about to keep walking, but I noticed that the car wasn't trying to stop. I looked at the driver, and he was on his cell phone driving (which is illegal in DC), and his dog was in the passenger seat. He didn't try to stop nor did he see me coming. Needless to say, I could have been hit tonight.

It's a scary moment, and I'm glad that I was paying attention. There are times when I'm walking to work, and I see people jay walking in order to get to work 30 seconds faster. Seriously! Is it really necessary to jay walk to get to work or wherever you are going faster? It's not only in Alexandria, but I see it happen all the time in DC, too. On Monday night, I was on my way to watch the MU vs. KU game, and I saw a car approaching the intersection. The light turned red, and the car kept coming without slowing down. I just sat there in shock that he was doing this at night! He should have stopped, and he was about 150 feet from the intersection. If I wasn't paying attention, I could have been hit. After tonight and Monday night, I'm thankful that I pay close attention to drivers when I walk and drive.

Have a great night!



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