Monday, April 19, 2010

I have a "hot" date on Thursday!

Three days until I have a hot date! Yes, I have a hot date with ESPN and the NFL Draft! This is my favorite time of year! I get to see Todd McShay and Mel Kiper discuss their picks! They provide great insight into which player a team should pick and predict where they will land in the draft. I watch and/or listen to Mike and Mike to gain the latest information on the draft and the sports world. This week Todd is on daily to talk about the draft and make predictions about the draft. They are switching up the draft a little this year by moving it to prime time. The first round is Thursday night and round 2 and 3 is on Friday night. Saturday are rounds 4-7. It will be interesting to see who gets picked, and I love watching people in the audience. The fans are rowdy, crazy fans, and I hope one day I'll be able to be there live, too!

I admit that I'm a sports fanatic, and I stay home during the NFL Draft weekend to watch the entire thing from opening to the closing bell. This year I'll only be able to watch the draft on Thursday and Friday night. On Saturday, I'm judging a competition and going to a friend's wedding reception. The only thing I have to do is get through this week! Who will be the first pick in the draft? Who will my Packers pick? I have no doubt that this year's draft will not only be crazy, there will also be a big trade with a team trading up to one of the top 15 picks.


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