Saturday, October 02, 2010

Update on P90

The last few weeks have been crazy busy, but I've been working out six days a week! I'm motivated and I can already see a difference! In July, I went to Jacksonville, and I bought two pairs of jeans, which fit perfectly. Well, six weeks into P90, they are loose and about to fall off. When I went to the Virginia Tech game on Labor Day, I wore my jeans and it was loose. I had to pull them up above my waist for them not to fall. What a good problem to have!

At the end of September, I tried on a suit that I bought two years ago as a motivational suit. When I bought the suit, it barely fit and I couldn't sit down. When I tried it on at the end of September, it not only fit, but it was loose! I've attached a picture of me in the suit! Needless to say, I am beyond happy! I definitely see the results of P90. I've lost about 2 inches so far and .5% body fat in the first three weeks.

When I stared six weeks ago, parts of P90 was difficult. On the strength training day, Tony makes you do 8-15 push-ups. I could barely do 8 push-ups without being tired. As of this morning, I can do 12 push-ups without a problem. Even though I don't always enjoy doing them, I keep doing it because I see the results. Tomorrow is my day off, but I'm looking forward to the next seven weeks!


At 4:02 PM, Anonymous salwa said...

sabrina!!!!! this is great!! keep it going, im sending my mom the link to your blog, she was asking me about that dvd, i told her i never tried it... i think im going to buy it now lol. Keep it up girl.


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