Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 2 with Tony

Part 2 of the P90 workout is strength training, and I can already feel the pain settling in. This morning's workout wasn't that bad, just a lot of reps! In May, I went to a body sculpting class with my best friend Asma, and I was sore for four days. That was a hard core workout with weights and bars. I'm using a resistant band, which I think will be the best thing for me. I won't be sore for four days, but I definitely worked my arms today. The strength training workout is only 24 minutes long, but there are parts of it that was hard. I'm not a push-up kind of girl, but I did the best I could do. I definitely did the girl push-up style. There is a point in the workout that you have to do 21 push-ups (7 normal, 7 wide, and 7 close). I did 15 of them, which is a great start. If you like to do lunges and squats, then this is your workout! 

Tony continues to show you different options on how you can do things if certain parts of your body are hurting, which I really like. The only portion of the video that I had an issue with is the dips portion with a chair. I tried it, but it is very difficult. You definitely need upper body strength for that portion. Let's see how Saturday goes! After you the sculpting part, I went to the 100 crunches portion. Today, I did each one except the last 10 crunches because it's a difficult move, and I was really tired. I'm sure by next week that I will be able to at least try it! 


At 10:58 AM, Blogger Kate said...

This is very similar to the workout I used when I had a personal trainer. You WILL see results in 2 weeks, but you'll feel 'em every day, ha ha!

Keep going, do more than you think you can, and don't stop!!!!



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