Thursday, October 14, 2010

The good news is...

I've had a great week! Today, I actually did all 10 full body crunches without touching the ground! It's my first time doing it in seven weeks. When I first started P90, I was touching the ground after each full body crunch, so this is a personal feat for me :) I'm definitely enjoying it! I have five more weeks of P90, and I'm hoping to continue with great results.

I went to Curves on Monday, and I found out that I have lost a total of four inches (3 from the hips and one from the chest area). Needless to say, I was very happy! I went to see my primary doctor on Wednesday for my physical. I was definitely worried about the results. I have a family history of heart attacks or strokes, so I'm trying to get into better shape to fend it off. 

My doctor had some great news for me. My Triglycerides went down by 50% since last year, and he said that was excellent. He was very proud of my dedication to P90, and I'm going to start doing P90x in January. I have a follow-up appointment in April to see where my cholesterol levels are after my next phase of exercise. My total cholesterol level went down by 10 points, and I 'm hoping to lower it by April. 

Anyways, I just wanted to share the good news. Happy Thursday and good night!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Update on P90

The last few weeks have been crazy busy, but I've been working out six days a week! I'm motivated and I can already see a difference! In July, I went to Jacksonville, and I bought two pairs of jeans, which fit perfectly. Well, six weeks into P90, they are loose and about to fall off. When I went to the Virginia Tech game on Labor Day, I wore my jeans and it was loose. I had to pull them up above my waist for them not to fall. What a good problem to have!

At the end of September, I tried on a suit that I bought two years ago as a motivational suit. When I bought the suit, it barely fit and I couldn't sit down. When I tried it on at the end of September, it not only fit, but it was loose! I've attached a picture of me in the suit! Needless to say, I am beyond happy! I definitely see the results of P90. I've lost about 2 inches so far and .5% body fat in the first three weeks.

When I stared six weeks ago, parts of P90 was difficult. On the strength training day, Tony makes you do 8-15 push-ups. I could barely do 8 push-ups without being tired. As of this morning, I can do 12 push-ups without a problem. Even though I don't always enjoy doing them, I keep doing it because I see the results. Tomorrow is my day off, but I'm looking forward to the next seven weeks!