Saturday, November 26, 2005

Surviving Turkey Day

This year for Thanksgiving my family went to our good friend's house to eat turkey. We had lots of food including my mom's mac & cheese, my dad's green beans and potatoes, sweet potatoes, turkey, seven-layer salad, cranberry sauce (homemade and can-my favorite), stuffing, and deviled eggs. For dessert we had some sweet bread, pecan pie, pumpkin pie and key lime cheesecake. Needless to say, we had plenty leftovers, but it was a great meal.

After eating such a big meal, a couple of us played some football. Two kids from the neighborhood came over and these kids were fun to play with. This boy had a Vick jersey on, so we called him Vick, and the girl was spectacular, so we called her Mrs. Sidney Rice. Because we are Carolina fans, we had to name her after our favorite wide receiver. She scored half of our points, and my team won. I can stay I did some good blocking and a couple of nice throws. We all took turns being qb.

After a game of football, we ate dessert. It was great. The young people proceeded to go to see Ice Harvest with Billy Bob Thorton and John Cusack. It was a very interesting movie. There were some funny segments, but sometimes it was a little confusing. Overall it was an ok movie. Although I really wanted to see Walk the Line, but my brother didn't really want to see it. We had fun though hanging out. Their house is like our second home ever since we were young kids.
Surviving Thanksgiving and the Holidays can be difficult, but I am hoping I can survive. Last night we went to a good friend's house from some good Briyani. Needless to say, it was incredible as always. I skipped dessert, and I just had some tea. I hear the dessert was wonderful, but I am trying not to eat after 8pm.

Sunday should be a good day of football, but I do have something called finals to work on and a presentation. I have written out my presentation, but I just have to practice it a few times. I can't wait till this semester is over, and then I can relax for a month. December will keep me crazy busy with the store and everything else going on.

During the holidays, I will be tempted to write more on this blog. I am hoping for a good bowl game for both Mizzou and South Carolina. Hopefully, they can play at night so I can watch both games, but I have this feeling that Mizzou may be playing in an afternoon game on ESPN. I wouldn't be able to watch it because I'll be working.. I am keeping my fingers crossed! Have a good day!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Where does the time go?

As the semester is about to close, I realize that time is flying by faster than ever. Just in August, I was looking at my calander noticing that I have a couple of major papers and presentations due in November, and I have PLENTY of time to do it.. Needless to say, I am working furiously to finish all the papers.. I have one down, except to edit, and another one to do.. My presentation is on Wednesday, and then we have to put a book together for class. It seems like all these papers and projects come at the same time, but it is also students fault for waiting till the last minute. I have been working a little everyday, and everyone makes fun of me.. But, with my crazy life, I would have a major breakdown if I don't do it this way.

Yesterday, I wasn't able to go to the Florida game with the Eid Festival. It was a tremendous success, and we got local tv to come and cover it. We had different things from Henna to a beudioun tent (which I was in charge of). It was great fun! I got some really good pictures of some of my favorite people in traditional costumes..

I am about to read my book for tomorrow and develop five questions on ADR.. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know! I will take a break to watch the Carolina game, but I will probably be editing my paper and doing my cited page while watching football.. Then tonight is Desperate Housewifes.. I can't miss that..

Anyways, I can't wait till the semester is over, so I can get back to reading some books over break and relaxing a little before next semester. I am taking two classes, and I am really excited about it. Anyways, I am avoiding reading this book, so I better sign off. Go Panthers against the Jets..

I can't leave without saying that I am sooo excited that the Gamecocks beat Florida! They did a wonderful job.. Now, if Carolina can win on my birthday on Saturday against our rivals Clemson, then I couldn't ask for a better birthday gift! Go COCKS!! We will be in the top 25 for this victory..

Kidos to Mizzou beating Baylor, so now they are bowl eligible as well.. It would be really hard for me to cheer for Mizzou if they played against South Carolina in a bowl.. I am hoping that we go to a New Year's Day bowl, so I can throw a party.. Maybe Mizzou can go too and then I can have two!! Go Ole Mizzou!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Let's go MIZZOU!!

Hey ya'll..

I just wanted to write a quick note to let people know that I am forming a Mizzou Alumni chapter in Columbia, SC. Lex, Stephanie and I are working on getting a chapter together, and it has been a lot of fun. It is wonderful to find other alumni who are as crazy as me about the Tigers. This past weekend MU lost to Kansas 13-3. It was a sad, sad day, but I tell you that KU always comes out and beats us. I remember in 2000 for my last homecoming game, KU beat us badly.. It was sad.

This week we are playing Colorado, and I am hoping for a great game. Basketball season is around the corner. There is a small group of us who are going to the Davidson game in Charlotte to see MU play.. I can't wait!

For those of you who are Missouri alumni and live in the Columbia area (130 of you!!!), please join the new chapter! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

At least MU beat Nebraska this year, and it was an early birthday present.. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we go to a bowl! It would be fun to have a watch party for good ole MIZZOU!